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Our Mission

It is our mission at African Legacy Shoppe, to introduce the strength, wisdom and power found in African culture, to those descendants of Africa who have been deprived of their true wealth, drawn from knowledge of their African heritage.

For centuries Africans had been portrayed as possessing no indigenous culture, and as having made no worthwhile contributions to civilization. Africans have been cast by their European visitors as inferior, and some continue to function from that false sense of self. African-Americans have been encouraged to believe in their own inferiority through the perpetuation of the myth that they are the product of an inferior culture and inferior people.

Item by item we will work to inform, educate and re-orient our customers to the rich history and culture of Ghana, West Africa. Each item reflects the traditional blend of culture, art, and the preservation of the African way of life.

By offering authentic exquisite hand-crafted garments and decorative accents from Ghana, we will bring a small piece of Africa to America. This will plant and nurture seeds of appreciation and pride in the richness of African culture.