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Value of Culture

Why African Culture is Important to African-Americans

To many, cultural identity is a vague concept.  We easily overlook its impact and effect in our lives.  While its presence may be difficult to recognize touch, its absence creates problems for which we may never understand the cause.  While African-Americans have been in America for as long as 400 years, we have been African for more than 4,000.  That heritage still carries the greatest influence and deepest impact in defining who we are. Men of a Fanti Family - Cape Coast 1910 - courtesy Smithonian Institution Archives We are unique among the people of the world.  Unlike others, we...

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Praising Ancestors

Value of culture

Praising and building on the achievements of their ancestors has enhanced the self-esteem and international stature of European cultures. Similar practices are essential to rebuild self-esteem in those suffering the after-effects of cultural subjugation. The African clothing worn today, as in the past, empowers you with the option to define yourself and embrace the legacy of wealth and power created by generations of great men and women. The heritage of African traditions will enrich you and your family in countless ways. In what ways do you think we should honor our ancestors?

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