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African Wax Print Dresses

Adorn yourself with the beauty and strength of African tradition, when you wear these garments that reflect the great cultures of Africa.

A popular African maxim teaches that ‘When you teach a man, you teach an individual.  When you teach a woman you teach a nation.’  This wisdom recognizes the reality that women transmit the culture of a society to their children during the child-rearing process. Children are considered the true wealth of a family, and of a nation. It is in their mother’s love and nourishment that children come to appreciate and value the culture of their people. A woman well educated in the culture of her people will pass that culture on to the future leaders of her nation.

African print dresses have grown very popular around the world. They don’t only enhance the beauty of a woman, they also affirm the value of African cultures. The tradition among African women is to carry the wealth of their culture in the cloth they wear.  Bright and colorful African print cloth portrays the wisdom of proverbs, the milestones of history, and the brilliance reflective of the human spirit.  We are offering these beautiful African print maxi sun dresses and African print accessories, so you can share in this tradition.