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Boy's African Gyeromi / Dashiki Shirt

Colorful, hand tailored cotton, boy's dashiki / gyeromi shirt, from Ghana, West Africa. African designs & decorative embroidery. An expression of cultural pride

“As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.”  The wisdom of this saying has greatest meaning when we think of how we raise our children.  We work to instill qualities of self-respect, and high esteem for themselves, their families and society.  Culture carries these values, and shaping cultural identity in our children helps them to flourish in their character as adults.  Language, customs, and dress, are all part of your cultural identity.  For girls, wearing African print dresses and African waist beads serves to cultivate the awareness of their own beauty.  For boys wearing dashikis, gyeromis, batakaris and fugus tells themselves and others that they are extensions of a great and powerful people. For both boys and girls, dress that reflects and reinforces their cultural identity strengthens the character, confidence and competence they will display as adults.