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Welcome to the African Legacy Shoppe.  We are happy to bring you African clothing and items that reflect the beauty, wisdom and power inherent in traditional African culture.

Cultural identity is an intangible thing.  We may take for granted its presence and effect, while its absence creates maladies for which we may never understand the cause.  

While African-Americans have been in America for as long as 400 years, we have been African for more that 4,000 years. That heritage still carries the greatest influence and deepest impact in defining who we are.  We possess a cultural identity that runs more powerfully and defines us more accurately than our experiences of the last few centuries might have us realize.

At African Legacy Shoppe we offer African attire we hope will stimulate the dormant energies of your disrupted ancestral chain.   We encourage you to reconnect with the wealth and power of your greater cultural identity.  We want you to wear the strong African attire for men, and the beautiful African attire for women that proclaims your self-esteem and acceptance of a great heritage.

Women’s African print dresses and caftans (also called Boubous), are always beautiful and stylish.  They are cut from cloth that carry designs laden with meaning, proverbs and societal milestones.  Men’s African print shirts and dashikis reflect a self-identification free of imposed cultural domination.

We want you to surround yourself with the art and artifacts created by Africans, to tell the story of their culture and values to the world.  Your home should display images that convey positive, inspirational messages to your family, combining your history with your aspirations.

Our merchandise can enrich you and your family in all of these ways.  Whether you choose the African decorative String Art for your home, or the African bead and stone necklaces, the African print dresses, or the African Batakaris and Fugus, our authentic African items were brought directly from the coast of West Africa to find a place in your home.

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African Men's Batakari / Fugu