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African Men's Batakari / Fugu

The African Fugu Batakari jacket is perhaps the most distinctive traditional men’s garment from West Africa.  Although it is most popular in Northern Ghana, it has gained acceptance and significance throughout the nation.  The Fugu was introduced in Ghana by the Moshies from Burkino Faso and by the Hausas from northern Nigeria, both of who migrated into Northern Ghana.  The name Fugu comes from the Moshie word for cloth.  The Dagombas call the garment Bingba, and in the south they call it Batakari.

Embrace and adopt the dignity of a powerful heritage, with these comfortable and distinctive men’s African Batakari pull-over outer garments.  The Ghana Batakari smocks are heavy strips of strong hand-woven fabric, which come in various colors and may be augmented with authentic traditional designs.  We bring these to you directly from the Northern Region of Ghana, West Africa where Hausa, Dagomba, and Dagbani men have for centuries, maintained their proud heritage, wearing this same garment.  Embrace the strength of tradition when you wear these African clothes, that reflect the great cultures of Africa.