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African Design Home Decor

In Africa where great societies developed without reliance on the written word, iconography and imagery were essential tools for expressing and transmitting history, culture, and values.

ADINKRA symbol arts express important themes reflecting the beliefs and philosophy of African people.  They carry a wealth of proverbial wisdom, and because proverbs continue to play an important role in African societies, their use is considered to be a sign of culture. African adinkra symbol wall plaques offers families exposure to the wisdom and culture they symbolize, and offers a direct path to understanding greatness of African culture.

Ignorance of our legacy and heritage as African people fosters low self-esteem, and continually sabotages the growth and development of our society.  Many believe that the remedy for these ailments resides in the restoration of African cultural practices and values in the African-American community.  Adinkra symbol art and other forms of African design home décor added to your living space can provide cultural enrichment for you and your loved ones.